Central City

Church Planters


To multiply the gospel in urban centers by raising up and equipping church planters in a central city or multi-ethnic context.


The church planting scene in the central city of Milwaukee and beyond is fairly problematic. There is a drastic church planting disparity! While church planting networks have been planting many churches in a suburban context each year, the central city has been ignored. Unfortunately, many church planting organizations have little to no understanding of the central city context and have therefore avoided planting central city churches in Milwaukee and beyond.To exacerbate the issue, Black churches historically have not collaboratively planted churches. Be that as it may, the central city church planter has been deserted and generations are in danger of being lost if something is not done to create new churches.

Subsequently, one would be hard pressed to find any Black churches raising up and supporting church planters outside of a multi-site situation. In contrast, while White churches plant churches in the central-city, there is a disconnect when it comes to embracing the central city context. Unfortunately, the suburban cookie-cutter approach applied to a central city context commonly ends up in a failed church plant. In many cases, these plants include a church planter that is a transplant instead of an indigenous minister empowered to further the kingdom in a central city context.

In other cases, and much like the Black church, a White church may forgo an autonomous plant altogether; and instead, only add an additional site to their number. Consequently, without the presence of contextually appropriate bible-based church plants, more people in Milwaukee and beyond are leaving traditional churches and transitioning to nothing. Further exacerbating the problem is a growing demographic of central-city residents who have completely lost faith in the church altogether due to either a personal experience or a negative perception. Additionally, other doctrines such as the Black Israelites are beginning to take up residence in Milwaukee and beyond. Without the infusion of new gospel centered churches being planted in the context of the central city, the gospel will be under heavy attack. Currently, options could be much better when it comes to a contextually appropriate, bible based, central city churches.









Q: Why partner with CCCP?

  • Urban Church Planting Experts
  • Cultural Competence
  • Successfully Planted urban churches 
  • Urban Church Planter Pipeline
  • Indigenous Urban Leadership
  • Strong Partnerships with other planting arms
  • Strong Understanding of Central City church dynamic


Q: Who Do We Partner With?

  • Churches
  • Church Planting Networks
  • Church Planting Denominations

Q: How do my network partner with CCCP?

Q: Why does CCCP work with so many different planting arms?

We are better together. With so many church planting organizations failing to successfully plant central city churches, why not tap into the best of each organization and collaboratively make that impact. The more resources available to our planters the better the outcomes for central city church planting. We believe if we are truly building the kingdom, why can’t kingdom people come together and plant kingdom minded churches in a central city context.

Q: Do CCCP only work with minority church planters?

No…while minority church planters are a demographic of planters we specialize in we also work with planters from all backgrounds

Q: I want to plant a church, what do I do?

Contact us to find out more.

Q: In what ways can I support CCCP?

  • Prayer
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